Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board Training

The DSCB provides both single and multi agency training to all individuals who work directly or indirectly with children, young people and their families.

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Common Assessment Process

What is Common Assessment?

  • The Common Assessment is a shared assessment tool for use across all Children's Services and all Local Areas in England

  • It aims to help early identification of need and promote co-coordinated service provision

  • Common Assessment is for children with additional needs.  These are children & young people who according to the judgement of practitioners, require extra support to help them achieve better outcomes.

Who uses Common Assessment?

  • CAF is for everyone who works with children, young people and families, whether they are employed or volunteers , working in the public / private or voluntary sector.

  • CAF is for staff working in Health, Education, Early Years and Childcare, Social Care, Youth Offending, Family Support etc.

  • CAF can also be used by Adult Services practitioners as many accessing those services are also parents or carers.

For CAF advice and support please contact your local IFS Service (Intergrated Family Support Service). Contact details can be found by visiting the Doncaster Families Information Service website.


The Referral and Response Process can be accessed below:

Health Contacts




Contact Details

Suzannah Cookson

Designated Nurse

NHS Doncaster

01302 566276

Dr Bushra Ismaiel

Designated Doctor

NHS Doncaster

01302 366666  

Julia Toft

Named Nurse


01302 796267

Dr Eric Kelly

Named Doctor

Primary Care

01302 874551

Gill Genders

Named Nurse


01302 366666

Susan Halliday

Specialist Nurse


01302 366666

Dr Lavleen Chadha

Named Doctor


01302 366666